Tuesday 24 February 2009

Write Here, Write Now Winner

IFTN reports that the inaugural Jameson Dublin International Film Festival and Walt Disney Studios Motion (Ireland) 'Write Here, Write Now' screenwriting award has gone to Sonya Gildea for her script Faith.

Gildea will receive at least €7,500 in development funding, as well as extensive promotion within the film industry.

The Judging Panel were: Lenny Abrahamson (Director), David Flynn (United Talent Agency), John Hurt (Actor), Trish Long, (Walt Disney Motion Pictures, Ireland), Sue Bruce Smith (Film Four), and Irvine Welsh (Writer).

The panel also praised Rodney Lee for his script Do Not Pass Go.

Sony Gildea previously wrote and directed the short film "Bua" (Victory), which was a Blindside Production produced by Kirsten Sheridan, and has been behind the shorts "Bodyblow" and "Godless".

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