Thursday 19 February 2009

eQuinoxe Workshop

éQuinoxe Germany is looking for applications for its next screenwriters' workshop taking place during the 26 April - 5 May in Norway. The deadline for English language submissions is 2 March 2009 (the date éQuinoxe communicated to us directly).

An international jury selects 10 talented screenwriters to participate in the workshop. The screenwriters participate in the one-week workshops and masterclasses, and meet for one-to-one discussions with ten advisors from all over the world - internationally known and experienced writers, directors and producers -, who share their knowledge and experiences without remuneration. There is no participation fee.

The workshop will take place from the 26 April - 3 May. The masterclasses occur from 3 - 5 May and are available to the participants, their producers and the local film community. It is not mandatory to have a producer attached, but it helps as éQuinoxe encourages the producer to attend the workshop.

All information on the application process is available on the web site.

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