Thursday 12 April 2007

New Works of Merit

The 2007 New Works of Merit Playwriting Competition is looking for original full-length (no longer than 2 hours or 100 pages U.S. Standard Format) and one-act stage plays including children's plays that:

1) Enhance self-realization
2) Support peace and social justice
3) Foster new understanding of minority issues that focus on racial, ethnic and gender discrimination both in the United States and abroad
4) Empower youth to build healthy inner foundations
5) Educate to gain further insight into healthy social/emotional living
6) Shed new light on religious, spiritual, and cultural differences and issues
7) Build respect for cultural expression and identity in a world that is experiencing rapid globalization
8) Explore the widening gap between the values this country was founded on and the values we present to the world today
The submission post-mark deadline is June 30, 2007. 1st Place Award: $300 and a reading at a theatre venue in Manhattan.

Thanks to Lianne's Dates for your Diary.

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