Friday 6 April 2007

Forum on Actor Training

According to The Stage the outcry against the decision by Trinity College, Dublin to scrap its three-year acting degree has lead to the formation of a 14-member forum to investigate Ireland's actor training needs.

Among the members of the forum are: Fiach MacConghail, director of the Abbey, actors Fiona Shaw and Mark Lambert, Gate Theatre director Michael Colgan, and Druid Theatre founder, and director, Garry Hynes.

Among the issues the forum has been asked to examine are:
  • How many actors should Ireland train each year, and for what sort of work?

  • What training courses are currently available and on what basis do they operate?

  • Where should actor training courses be located - inside or outside the universities?

  • Is a three-year degree course the most suitable option?

  • What relationship should training courses have with the professional theatre?

  • How should such courses best be funded - by the state, from private fees or through public/private partnership agencies?
The forum, chaired by Professor Nicholas Grene, of the university’s school of English, is expected to deliver its recommendations before the summer.

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Eoin said...

This is great news! It would be nice if they'd look at what happens to these actors after they graduate as well but this much is, at least, a step in the right direction.