Thursday 17 September 2009

Script Editors Needed

FÁS Screen Training Ireland is seeking two script editing participants for its Story Development for Film & Television course. These two participants will work with the writers on the course, under the tutelage of Valery Ryan, who has worked as a script editor on such shows as Cracker and Prime Suspect, and leads the two courses for script editors run by BBC Training.

The aim of this course is to enhance participants' understanding of the story development process for both for serialised content and feature films. The course will mentor eight projects through 3-4 months of development from idea to first draft stage – four television projects, and four feature projects. Through project development, participants will gain an understanding of the TV drama and feature film development process, the different drama formats, how cinematic and televisual storytelling differ, and the roles and responsibilities of writers, script editors, directors and producers in the development process.

The script editing strand of the programme seeks two participants to apply without a project, and collaborate on writer-only participating projects. These script editor participants will attend all project sessions and also partake in additional sessions in order to enhance their story development, communication, and production skills. These two participants can be freelance script editors seeking to enhance their skills, development assistants in production companies, assistant script editors on television, or development personnel seeking to enhance their understanding and engagement in the script development process.

At the end of the programme, these script editors will have the option to partake in a work placement scheme, during which they will receive an allowance while working on a television drama, shadowing an experienced script editor and being trained in the production skills pertinent to the role of script editor. This work placement will take place between October and December 2009.

For further details, please contact Sorcha Loughnane at 6077468, or email

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