Thursday 24 September 2009

BBC Increases Drama Budget

The Stage reports that BBC2 is raising its drama budget by 50% over the next three years. At the BBC Vision Forum, director Jana Bennett announced the changes.

She added: "I believe the genre needs support. It will be targeted at distinctive, authored series that continue the great tradition of BBC2, with the aim of providing the next generation of television classics."

In addition, Bennett said investment in BBC children's programmes would be increased by at least £25 million over three years. ...

"It's our duty to take more risks with new forms and ideas. To commission home-grown content for British audiences. To offer different windows on the world. To be committed to a wide range of genres and subjects – and not just those with guaranteed mass appeal," Bennett said.

Ireland could do with some of this focus on the importance of home-grown drama.


John Morton said...

Ah, if only... (sighs)

sfp326 said...

The BBC increases its drama budget and the British government reiterates their support for their film board and understands its far reaching cultural and economic value. RTE slashes budgets or reallocates in favour of cheap, brain dead reality programming and Bord Snip think the Film Board is just for pointing producers to a nice lake in Connemara. What's wrong with this picture?