Tuesday 8 September 2009

BBC Radio Sketches Needed

The BBC 4 sketch comedy radio show, Recorded for Training Purposes, is searching for new writers.

The third series went out in January 2009. For that run there was a core writing team of people who’d written on the first two series but the show was also opened up to, well, anyone who wanted a go. Of the 110 sketches broadcast, exactly half were from the core writers, with the other half being sent in by non-commissioned writers.

Every sketch sent in (about 2,000) was read by at least two people from BBC Radio Comedy, with the best stuff gradually being filtered towards the recording scripts, and the stuff that got most laughs getting on air.

It has a cast of six - three men, three women - who can, between them, play most ages.

Series four will, like series three, be written by a mix of a) some people who have written on previous series and b) everyone else in the world.

Only two sketches will be accepted per applicant - details on how to apply on are on the web site.

The deadline for entries is: 12:00 (midnight), 2 October 2009

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