Thursday 20 March 2008

Pitched in Time

The UK Screenwriters' Festival (1-3 July 2008) has shifted through 1,500 entries for its 'Pitch in Time' competition, and has chosen a shortlist of ten:

  • 'Baby Love' - Lindsey Darking
  • 'Divine' - Lucy Filmore
  • 'How to be Popular' - John C. Robertson
  • 'Little Wheel' - Elena Fuller
  • 'The Nuns of Gavarone' - Anthony Keetch
  • 'OAPower' - Martin Gunn
  • 'The Picture of Darren Grey’ - by Ivan Shakespeare (deceased)' - Barry Grossman
  • 'Rag Dolls & Riches' - Vega Powell
  • '12 Things I'm Going to Do When I grow Up' - Nicola Depuis (Irish)
  • 'Without President' - Simon Sayce
The ten finalists win tickets to the Festival, the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of industry experts, and to have their ideas and pitches picked up by any of the many attending production company.

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