Tuesday 18 March 2008

Bruntwood Playwriting Competition

The Bruntwood Playwriting Competition is a partnership between The Royal Exchange Theatre and Bruntwood, and offers awards of £15,000 as a First Prize, a Second Prize of £10,000, and third prize of £7,500. There will also be a special Bruntwood prize of £5,000.

This competition represents one of the world's biggest awards for playwriting, and is open to writers of all experience aged 18 years and older who are resident in the UK and Ireland. To present a level playing field for judging the scripts must be submitted anonymously under a pseudonym. No adaptations, translations or optioned work will be considered. The writer must retain all the copyright on his/her original, unperformed and unproduced piece of work.

The deadline for entry is 6pm on Friday 13th June 2008. All further details about the entry criteria are available on the web site.

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