Monday 9 July 2007

Behan Films in Dublin

RTÉ reports that author, playwright and artist, JP Donleavy, will introduce two films about Irish novelist and playwright, Brendan Behan, on Wednesday 18 July in the IFI in Dublin.

'Meet the Quare Fella', from 1960, is a rare opportunity to see the now infamous encounter between Eamonn Andrews and Brendan Behan.

Andrews elicits frank responses from his subject regarding the topics of writing, fame, religion, his time in borstal and his connections with the IRA.

'Brendan Behan's Dublin' (1966) is a documentary directed by Norman Cohen and features interviews with Behan's parents and wife, Beatrice.

Written by Carolyn Swift and featuring Ray McNally as the 'voice of Behan', the film is evocatively photographed by Robert Monks with musical ballads sung by The Dubliners.

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