Monday 12 March 2007

"Protect the Human" competition

The iceandfire theatre company and Amnesty International UK are running a playwrighting competition called "Protect the Human". Iceandfire is looking for compelling and original stories that draw inspiration from their mission statement: "Telling the real life stories of individuals who have been displaced as a result of conflict."

'Displacement' and 'conflict' are terms that may be hard to engage with but we believe these concepts are universal and that everyone has been affected by them – in one way or another. The aim of the competition is to encourage writers to make that connection and develop it into a full-length play.
The play should be written for four actors or less, and be between 50-90 minutes long. The initial submission comprises of the first 10 pages of the script, and a 50-word synopsis and "inspiration paragraph" about the play. The closing date for entries is 14th of May, 2007. The best candidates will be invited to submit their entire play for consideration by July 1.

The short-list will be decided by the 1st of September, and the three plays will each receive rehearsed readings at the Soho Theatre, London as part of Amnesty’s Protect the Human Week from the 17th – 19th October 2007.

The winning play will be announced in December 2007. The writer will receive a preliminary 10% commission of £500 as an advance on a full commission if the play is taken into production.

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