Thursday 8 March 2007

British Short Screenplay Competition

Thanks to Lianne, an Irish scriptwriter/reader in London, for dropping me a note about the quarterly round-up of international competitions and awards that she compiles on her fabulous blog. The first quarter of 2007 is on her site.

Of particular note is the British Short Screenplay Competition, organised by Kaos Film and the NFTS.

The competition is international, and open to original scripts of any genre between 5-15 minutes in length. The early deadline is 27 Apr 2007, and the administration fee is £25 sterling. The final deadline is 22 Jun 2007, and the fee increases to £35.

The Prizes:

Three winning screenwriters of The British Short Screenplay Competition will have their screenplays produced by Kaos Films.

Each will be premiered at BAFTA (subject to BAFTA availability), entered into film festivals around the world before being screened in selected cinemas in UK
Get writing now. Winning this competition would be worth the loss of sleep.

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