Thursday 8 March 2007

Euroscript Screen Story Competition

Also snagged from Lianne's blog is a notice about the Euroscript Screen Story Competition 2007. To enter writers must submit a two-page treatment of the proposed story, and ten pages of sample script that must include a mixture of action and dialogue. You can make multiple submissions. Cost: £35 for 1 entry; £65 for 2 entries; £95 for 3 entries.

1st Prize
The winning writer will receive one-on-one professional guidance to develop his/her screen story from treatment or first draft. Working closely with one of Euroscript's professional script consultants, the writer will have the opportunity to complete up to three drafts with a full script report at each stage of the development process. In addition, the writer will have regular scheduled meetings with his/her consultant and continuing email and telephone support. At the end of the process, which will take place over a period of nine months, the winning writer will be given help and advice on marketing the script.

2nd Prize
One writer will be awarded individual Consultancy including an in-depth script report, up to four hours of meetings with a Euroscript consultant and continuing email and telephone support.

3rd Prize
Three writers will win the third prize of one of Euroscript’s bullet-point script reports on any screenplay of their choice.
Deadline for entries is 31st March 2007. All payments and submissions are made via the Euroscript website.

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