Friday 28 November 2008

Submitting to Festivals

On Wednesday, 3rd December at 2pm Filmbase is running a free information session for filmmakers on the best method to get your short film into festivals in Ireland and around the world.

The panel will include Mick Hannigan (Corona Cork Film Festival), Nicky Gogan (Darklight Film Festival, Still Films), Ronan Burke (Black Sheep Productions) and Nerea Aymerich (Film Ireland magazine).

The session will begin with Mick Hannigan and Nicky Gogan talking us through the art of applying to film festivals, from the point of view of the festival organiser. What sort of information do they look for, what are the basic requirements, how important are your synopses and images etc… Ronan Burke will then give us the filmmaker’s perspective using the multi-award winning film Jellybaby as a case study. Jellybaby, which Ronan co-directed with his brother Rob, won numerous awards as well as screening at over sixty film festivals both at home and abroad. Finally, Nerea Aymerich will look more closely at one element of the application process that is often overlooked, having strong production stills to represent and promote your film.

Although the session is free places must be booked in advance, and information on how to register is on the web site.

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