Tuesday 4 November 2008

Develop Your Drama

FÁS Screen Training Ireland is offering a three-day course in Dublin on Television Drama Development, which starts on November 26th, and will be taught by the following tutors: Valery Ryan, Guy Meredith, Jane Gogan, John Yorke, Manda Levin, Tony McHale, Billy Ivory, Michael Parke, Andrew Fitzpatrick, Danny Stack, Brigie de Courcy, Niall Leonard, and Rochelle Stevens. The course costs €200.

Participant Profile:
Irish professionals involved in producing, writing, development and script editing in the television industry. Participants should be involved in developing current television drama projects.

Course Profile:
The aim of this course is to enhance participants’ understanding of television drama forms and formats, focusing on such issues as structure and character in TV drama, evaluating successful TV drama concepts and ideas, TV drama co-production, breaking into the UK market, scheduling and acquisitions, writing for long-running series vs. authored drama, and writers room models in Ireland and the UK.

The course will cover the following:
  • Structure
  • Formats and genres
  • Co-production
  • UK market
  • Writers room models
  • Scheduling
  • Acquisitions
  • Writing for long-running series
  • Roles and responsibilities – writers, script editors, producers.
The course will take the form of a two-day seminar, along with a full day session on structure by John Yorke.

The deadline for applicants is Friday 14th November 2008, and submissions will be processed via the web site.

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