Wednesday 28 February 2007

BBC Trust approves Freesat

The BBC Trust has backed plans to create a non-subscription satellite version of its Freeview digital television service in the UK, which will be called Freesat.

The Beeb news service reports:

The BBC's governing body said the non-subscription Freesat would benefit homes with poor terrestrial reception.

And it recommended a launch before analogue TV transmissions were switched off, a process which begins next year.

There will now be a 28-day consultation to gauge opinion on the BBC's proposals before they formally get the go-ahead.

It was hoped that as well as BBC channels, "a wide range of other services would also be accessible", the trust said, adding that other organisations could be involved as partners in the venture.

The BBC and ITV announced plans to launch Freesat in September 2005.

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