Monday 20 July 2009

Arts Defended in Galway

The Irish Times reports that a strong defence of the importance of the Arts and Arts Organisations to the economic vitality of Ireland was made by chairwoman of the Arts Council, Pat Moylan, and the artistic director of Druid Theatre, Garry Hynes, at the Arts Festival in Galway city at the weekend. Garry Hynes said:

"From Temple Bar to this city's Latin Quarter to the attractions of Galway as an industrial centre - there's evidence that people are drawn by vibrant cultural life. Please let us go out and make this point." She added: "People like me don't speak up loud or long enough. The next years will be harder than we can remember."

Arts Council chairwoman Pat Moylan also spoke strongly against the suggestions of the McCarthy report. "The arts are part of this nation. Plus, we employ local people, we buy local produce.

"There are thousands working in the arts, not all paid very well, but we do pay our taxes. We are making our case and we need to have our own Minister at the cabinet table. The future of the department is being examined. As chair of the Arts Council, I'm saying this would be a retrograde step for the arts in Ireland."

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