Friday 13 March 2009

Storyland Online

A reminder that RTÉ's online drama competition Storyland kicks off at 5pm, Monday the 16th of March 2009.

Pilots of nine dramas will be made available for viewing online. Viewers have until 5pm, Monday the 30th March to vote for their favourites.

Only eight projects will proceed onto the next round.


storygas said...

Hearing on twitter that it's being pushed back to launch at 5pm on Monday 16th now

Maura McHugh said...

Thanks. I see they've updated the page this afternoon - since I last checked - with the updated time and day.

I've edited the post accordingly.

From whom on twitter did you hear about the update? I tweet, as does the Guild blog.

storygas said...

Hi Maura

A storyland search here

threw me to


Couple of first episodes on here:-

All the best

Maura McHugh said...

Thanks Neil. I've requested a follow.

I'm amused that there is a Storyland twitter, and yet not a single mention of it on the web site.

storygas said...

- oh yeah - and, weirdly, it's still got 16 followers!?!?!