Wednesday 13 June 2007

RTE Radio Goes Digital

RTÉ has announced the trial-run until November 2007 of six Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) radio stations, which will only be available to listeners in the Greater Dublin and North East coast area who own a DAB digital radio.

The stations are:

RTÉ 2XM: A station for students and young adults, specialising in new music.

RTÉ Junior: Pop radio for children. Predominantly music, RTÉ Junior is programmed around a child's day and broadcast daily from 7am to 9pm.

RTÉ Gold: A classic hits service of music from the 1950s to 1980s.

RTÉ Choice: A station featuring comedy, documentaries, vintage shows, music, international programming and well-known presenters broadcasting at alternative times.

RTÉ Digital Radio News: Provided by RTÉ News and Current Affairs, this is a rolling news bulletin station.

RTÉ Digital Radio Sport: Provided by RTÉ Radio's Sports Department, this is a rolling sports bulletin station.

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